Wife by Wednesday

So I started Wife by Wednesday, by Catherine Bybee, this morning and finished it this morning. It was a total guilty pleasure book from start to finish. Not going to lie, I only bought it because it was on the Bestseller’s list for the K*ndle (no more spam!) and it was $0.99. Why not get it, right? It was the perfect birthday indulgence book (yay, happy birthday to me!).

The title was a touch misleading to me. When I saw it and read a bit of the synopsis, I was strongly reminded of the movie The Bachelor (Chris O’Donnell anyone?). I presumed it would be an amusing tale of a man trying to pick a wife without getting into the traps of love and emotion. I was half right, that’s the first chapter. The rest is a more specific story of how the minds of the bachelor and his faux bride turn and change. Do they fall in love for real? I won’t tell 🙂 But I bet you can guess.

The first chapter had me doubting the book just a tad. It seemed predictable and I felt like the writing was trying too hard to tell me how the characters were feeling and what they were like. The rest of the book made up for the slightly rocky start. It’s a fun romance novel that didn’t make me want to hurl [I’m not a huge romance lit fan]. It was a very easy read, I flew through the pages. The feeling of predictability gave way to me rooting for the main characters and sighing at all the right places. It’s a simple plot line but perfect for a night when you just want to indulge in a feel good, cute story.

Did I mention it’s only $0.99?

I won’t go into plot details and all the rest. If you’re a romance fan, you will definitely enjoy this book. If you cannot stand a touch of sap and happy endings, don’t touch the book with a barge pole. If you’re like me and like a little guilty pleasure read here and there, read the book. I think it could actually turn out to be a great rom-com movie!

Wife by Wednesday 

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