Silver Linings

You know that saying, “every cloud has a silver lining”? Well I’m relating it to something a bit different today —laziness 🙂 I admit, with extra activities, cooking, school, and other reading, I have severely neglected to read the books on the Canada Reads list. I know, shame on me. I completely agree. However, after attending my first Canada Reads debate this morning, I’ve decided to turn that lazy streak into a positive thing. The panelists, especially Anne-France Goldwater, emphasized that the debates are meant to encourage people to read these particular books. The discussions, some being quite controversial, all work in favour of the books and boost sales. So here’s the conclusion I came to this morning:

1. I’m glad I haven’t read the books because then I’d have a steady favourite and would be rooting for it throughout. If mine won, it would have been the thrill of the competition, not the thrill of the book. If mine lost, I would’ve been devastated and perhaps a tad bit uninterested in the rest of the proceedings. Having not read the final five, I’m focusing on the debates themselves and trying to work out the pros and cons based on what the champions have to say.

2. I’m glad I haven’t read the books because I’m enjoying the debates on a different level—I’m letting the ‘intellectual conversation’ and passionate defences inspire within me the urge to read the books, perhaps one more than the other.

Some might say I’m doing this backwards, or simply making excuses for having been so lackadaisical. But I am REALLY enjoying this process! It puts me right in a new reader’s shoes.

I have the pleasure of being a guest at tomorrow’s debates as well. Maybe I can sneak in on Thursday to finish it off (anyone want to help me on this?)! I definitely plan on taking some notes this time to write a more fleshed-out blog post for you guys. Until then, I leave you with the thoughts that I thoroughly enjoyed this debate. Particularly the way Arlene Dickinson and Shad spoke about their books. I appreciate Jian Ghomeshi’s patient and fair way of mediating. And I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

For those of you in attendance or listening in yesterday and today, I know there was a lot of drama that didn’t quite get resolved. What are your thoughts on all of that? Remember, speak freely but with respect and fairness! Looking forward to hearing what you, the readers, all have to say; it always makes watching these debates a more enriching experience!


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