I’ve Got Your Number

Who read the Shopaholic series and didn’t like it? Sophie Kinsella’s newest hit, I’ve Got Your Number, really hits it out of the park. I began it last night before bed and finished it this evening. For those of you keeping track, that makes 3 books in 24 hours. Yes, I know I have a problem. But this one was really good!

When I began reading, I couldn’t help but picture Poppy, the main character, just like I pictured Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series. Both are young, funny, British, and have the same tendency to natter on (and on) in their own heads. I was worried that this book would be too much like the Shopaholic books since I was ready for a newer Kinsella experience. The first eight chapters drew me in, but in a Becky Bloomwood manner. After that, Poppy became her own woman and I was transported.

It’s a light and comical read, with twists and turns that you really don’t expect. You think it’s predictable, and for the bigger-picture parts you’re right, but Kinsella manages to throw the reader off a number of times. I even exclaimed “What the hell?!” pretty loudly at one point. Of course it has the usual misunderstandings and romantically comedic moments, but the book had a more grown-up feel than the Shopaholic series. I keep referring back to those because I’ve read my other Kinsella novels a few years ago and can’t remember enough to compare (excuse to re-read!). The book was laugh-out-loud funny at moments, but it also kept me dying to know what would happen next. And what’s a Kinsella book without a few good *face-palm* moments, right?!

I particularly loved how relevant this book is to today’s world. Most romances these days are born just as much out of texts as from personal encounters. Call it the modern-day letter writing experience. Everyone knows the crazy attachment we feel towards our phones, our constant need to check all emails and texts, and how the smiley (or other emoticons) can make or break a text mood. While I don’t know of anyone that’s had quite the same experience that Poppy had, I found it pretty easy to believe–which was the most fun part of it all!

I don’t want to make any grand statements too hastily, but Sam may be my favourite leading man out of all the Kinsella novels. Maybe. For now. He was initially pretty one dimensional but soon he became a lot more realistic and approachable than some of the other male protagonists in Kinsella’s books. I might have to re-read to make sure though. One thing I’m certain of is that Sam never once belittles Poppy or considers her ridiculously stupid, which Brandon sometimes does to Becky in the Shopaholic series.

Also, I kind of love the cover!!!

If you’re a Kinsella fan, I can honestly say you won’t be disappointed. If you’ve never read any of her books before, I would actually recommend you start with this one. While I absolutely adore the Shopaholic series, I can see how Becky’s character may initially annoy readers before they warm up to her and laugh hysterically at her antics. Poppy is a milder and equally likeable version; perhaps even more likeable since she’s much less self-centred. Either way, definitely a thumbs up for this book and I can’t wait for the next!

I’ve Got Your Number    and a half

Recommendation Rate    


I really need to create a half Snitch.


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