The Phantom of the Opera

I’ve always been a fan of the musical since I was a little kid. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s famous opening notes accompanied by Sarah Brightman’s haunting voice always left me breathless. When I saw the play on Broadway, the chandelier crashing into the audience was something I’ll never forget. Then, cue Gerard Butler singing Music of the Night on dvd and you’ve got me hooked. Naturally, the book had to be read at some point!

The entire book, play, movie, and what not is BASED ON A TRUE STORY!


I still cannot get over how amazing that is. Of course the movie and play do things a little bit differently, but Gaston Leroux’s text version of Erik, the Opera Ghost, is based on true accounts and events. There was indeed a man who was born with a ghastly disfigured face. He ended up living beneath the opera house in Paris, where he alone knew the structure’s vast secrets. A gifted ventriloquist, architect, and singer, he used his talents to cause terror and eventually kidnap the love of his life–Christine Daae–only to set her free.

Instead of exploring the plot in detail like I usually do, I will just say that I do recommend fans of the movie/play read the book. It helps that we’ve already gotten exposure to the story because sometimes the narrative can be a bit slow or confusing. The book is gothic and funny–a tale of mad obsession and inexplicable tricks and talent. It’s a very entertaining read. If you’re anything like me, your brain will be running through the soundtrack during different scenes of the book.

Overall, I think the best part about this book is that it is based on true events. Entertainment-wise, I might prefer the musical ūüėČ Which is why…

The Phantom of the Opera       

Recommendation Rate    


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