Confessions of a Shopaholic

Here’s the thing. My boyfriend is one of those amazing people that doesn’t like to be tardy–a quality I appreciate very much in a human being. As a result though, I wound up at the airport with a good two hours to spare before my flight. This was after checking in and security. What does one do when they don’t want to pay for internet and wish to avoid reading through homework at all costs? Whip out the Kindle and select a guilty pleasure read.

Ok maybe you don’t do that, but I do! I wanted something light and frothy, just enough to pass the time waiting at the gate. I skipped over my classics collection and the heavy Victor Hugo/Charles Dickens novels that are sternly perched on my e-shelf, waiting to be read. I went for the Sophie Kinsella books.

I had just read the entire Shopaholic series last October and was determined to read as many new books as possible this year. So I figured I’d just read until I got on the flight and then I’d switch to my Friends dvd. ….. Ended up completely engrossed throughout the flight and just finished it at home. Despite the massive pile of new books sitting patiently on my desk, I feel utterly compelled to finish this entire series again. Or at least read it along with the new books.

Becky Bloomwood can be an incredibly annoying character. I know I’ve lost my patience with her ridiculousness on many an occasion, frustrated with how a woman can be THAT stupid. I then lapse into fantasizing how I would handle the situation if I were her. Regardless, the books always leave me wanting more. I personally have trouble putting down the Shopaholic series and was reminded of that fact today. Yes the situations can be absurd, yes the characters and plot line can be a bit batty, and yes OH yes do I love these books. They’re just so FUN! I’m sorry but it’s true!

This book in particular rings rather close to home with an experience I recently had. It’s so easy to use that bright shiny credit card for small purchases like a movie ticket here, a top there, a trip to the salon with friends–and boom you just hit your credit card limit in two weeks. Yep, that happened to me. Granted I was also travelling and dealing with air fares, Christmas presents, and ok fine a bit of personal shopping here and there. Still. I didn’t think it was possible to do that! So when I got the notification I nearly passed out. All sorts of scenarios ran through my mind–every possibility except for the one that it was actually my fault. Of course I’m a bit more responsible than Becky Bloomwood and have never (please don’t let this statement jinx me) fallen into a mess like that again. It helps to track your finances and set strict budgets. It also helps to read the crazy antics of a woman who was a little less responsible and a little more frazzled in her manner of dealing with things–like throwing her unopened bills into a dumpster and then convincing herself she never got them.

It’s also fun to float along with someone else’s outrageous daytime fantasies, like winning the lottery and what to do with all that money. I can relate when Becky gets carried away with excitement at mere daydreams while commuting to and from work. I love the narration. It also doesn’t hurt to have a strapping, sensible, yet secretly romantic male protagonist. It just kills me that every time Luke Brandon’s character makes an appearance my mind’s eye sees him as Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whom I find utterly unattractive. Damn mind’s eye, must have a better image of Luke Brandon!

Guys. This is just a fun read. If you’re a completely practical person who doesn’t have the patience to deal with someone getting into ridiculous scrapes, this probably isn’t the book for you. If you’re looking for a quick and upbeat read, this is it. Stay tuned to hear my thoughts on the rest of the series as I take it for a spin (round 3!).

One last thing: the book is WAY better than the movie (so all is right with the world).


Confessions of a Shopaholic 


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