Shopaholic Takes Manhattan

I just love when I can power through a book in one morning. So much better than reading a newspaper 😛 As I mentioned in my last post, I felt compelled to finish the Shopahlic series after casually restarting it for the third time while at an airport. So here are my thoughts book 2 of the series: Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.

Once again Sophie Kinsella does not disappoint. I found this to be even better than the first book; it was funnier, quicker, and it had an even more appealing plot line. This time Becky Bloomwood is in a successful relationship and she’s moving to Manhattan with him! While she gets herself into a couple of scrapes, this time she’s more a victim of someone else’s malicious intentions than her own mistakes (which made me like the book more, not sure why). I love when the female protagonist rises to the occasion and saves herself, with the support of friends and family along the way.

I think that the narration of these books appeals to me as much if not more as the plot itself. Becky’s bubbly personality and crazy imagination is so much fun to get absorbed in. My favourite parts are when the narration is interrupted by letters sent to Becky from various banks or financial departments, responding to her ludicrous excuses and requests. Those never fail to make me laugh aloud.

This is just a fun, feel-good, chick-lit read. Grab it and enjoy! You can easily read it without having read the first one, but why deprive yourself of additional laughter? Read them both! Then read the rest along with me 😉


Shopaholic Takes Manhattan 

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