Shopaholic Ties the Knot

This is so much fun! Knocking out a book a day since Saturday, wahoo! On to the next installation in the Shopaholic series–Shopaholic Ties the Knot.

I have to say, this was not my favourite book of the series BUT it was by far my favourite ending. Call me a sucker for things that turn out a-okay and weddings! This conclusion was particularly touching, but I won’t give too much away. On the whole, I didn’t like the book as much as the previous two because it was a rather ‘trying’ plot to believe. The situations Becky Bloomwood got herself into were not fun and ludicrous but quite frustrating and silly. The whole time I just kept thinking, JUST SAY SOMETHING!!! All her troubles would have been over! To dive into one dilemma after another when there was a perfectly simple solution tested my patience a bit. Nonetheless, the book still had it’s funny moments.

I suppose this is the point where I discuss a more serious point of the book. I consider myself blessed to currently be in a relationship where I can share things openly. Yes, sometimes there are things that are difficult to say or best swept under the carpet, but overall it is a relationship of trust and communication. I found this to be sorely lacking in the relationship between Becky and her fiancé Luke. He shuts her out from a lot of important decisions; granted they’re mostly work-related. She tries to hide as much of her life as possible, more out of the goodness of her nature, not wanting to burden him, but nevertheless.  I suppose without that aspect of the book, there would be no story to tell, but it saddened and confused me a little. It’s physically impossible for me to keep my mouth shut when something has gone radically wrong in my life. I don’t shout it out to the world, but my loved ones and most importantly, my significant other, have to know!

I love Becky’s vibrant character and I love Luke, but sometimes I wonder what he sees in her. The way she acts around him and his attitude towards her makes me think that he’s just financing a bit of an airhead. I suppose that’s putting it really harshly, but I wish there was more of an openness between their characters so I can understand why his unyielding, serious, practical personality loves her polar opposite personality. I know, I know…opposites attract; but I wish Sophie Kinsella would illustrate that a bit more.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Feel free to share as I charge on to book four! If you haven’t Shopaholic Ties the Knot  yet, I’d recommend reading it to keep up the continuity of the series. However, it must be said that if you choose to skip over it, you won’t miss out tremendously in the grand scheme of things. Either way, READ THE SERIES!

Shopaholic Ties the Knot    

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