Shopaholic and Sister

Yay done with book four of the series and of course I loved it! Here’s why…

First of all, how cute is that cover?! I’m not usually a fan of yellows but it’s so bright and welcoming! The contrast between the shoes is something that I was drawn to (big surprise) and I just think it’s adorable!

This one is very very close to being my favourite in the whole series. In fact, if I had written this post last night as planned, I would have made that claim in an instant. But I wasn’t able to and so I began the fifth instalment, which had me grinning at every page. So let’s call this a close second-favourite 🙂

Hats off to Sophie Kinsella for getting me so emotionally involved. Not in a sad or sappy way, which I think is easy for authors to do. No. She had me angry. Every time Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) was upset, I was upset. Every time she was excited, I was excited. You get my drift. It was amazing! When I put my book down after reading a chapter, I had to take a couple of minutes to realize: wait, this isn’t real life. I felt like Becky was a close friend of mine, relating the story to me and getting me indignant or excited on her behalf.

This was the first book in the series that I didn’t have any issues with Becky’s character. In the previous books, she does have a slight tendency to annoy the reader. This time, all her sweet and genuine qualities shine through. Most importantly, they are showcased not just for the reader, but for some of the stiffer characters in the book as well. It was important to me as a reader who is so invested in the series to have Becky’s character advance in my eyes as well as the eyes of other characters. Here, she deals with two very difficult people–a long lost sister and her work-obsessed husband. While it’s always been obvious that she has a kind nature, this book takes steps to develop her personality and her attitude towards other people instead of portraying a slightly selfish image. It also shows her as independently capable of making a big impact in society, as opposed to just fixing her mistakes with the help of others.

If you guys have been following along, you’ll know that Becky’s relationship with her husband Luke sometimes confuses me. I was especially grateful that Sophie Kinsella somehow might have sensed this and repaired it for readers. Becky and Luke have a rather big argument and to be honest, I found him to be condescending and pig-headed. When Becky takes matters into her own hands but falls into a spot of danger, I was relieved to see Luke’s reactions to the situation. He behaves less like an inconsiderate robot and more like a husband who has responsibilities but who is dedicated to and genuinely loves his wife. He adjusts from being indulgent and relatively impatient, treating her with admiration and as a partner. I needed to see that.

All in all, definitely loved this book. I think they just get better and better as the series progresses! Let’s put it this way, it’s making my difficult week a lot brighter. That’s what good books are all about.

Shopaholic and Sister     


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