Mini Shopaholic

I think the mark of a really good book series is when the reader exclaims “Ok this one is definitely my favourite” after reading each installation. The books just keep getting better and you have a hard time picking a favourite until you’ve read all of them at least twice. This happened to me every time I finished a book in the Shopaholic series, with the latest one being no exception.

This one had me struggling not to laugh aloud whenever I was reading it on the subway or streetcar. The plot was fast-paced and funny with the conflicts being relatively light-hearted for the reader as well. This was a welcome change for me, since the book before that was a little intense for me to deal with in terms of the conflicts (review here:

Since this was such an easy read, there’s nothing for me to really say about this book except how much fun it was for me to read. The entire series has been like watching a set of comedies in my head. Sure it’s not the most complex literature ever, but who says that reading has to be a laborious experience? I could argue these books were enriching–I have had a particularly hard week and these books were my best source of entertainment and happiness. I couldn’t wait to bury myself back in the series to get away from my own problems and just laugh a little. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. So if you want to treat yourself to some fun and indulge in outrageous shopping fantasies, go ahead and pick up this series. If you’ve already read it, like me, read it again!

A few people have judged me for including these in my #70bookpledge, but I don’t see why. Any read is a valuable read. Any book that can make someone smile, take them on a journey far away from their own life, and make them want to never put it down is delightfully good literature. Just what the world needs.

On that note, I cannot wait for the next book! Hurry up Sophie!


Mini Shopaholic 


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