Shopaholic and Baby

Let it be said that there’s nothing in this world I despise more than a liar and a cheater, especially when it comes to cheating in relationships. I have a hard time watching movies where the central focus is about so-and-so cheating on his/her significant other with so-and-so. It just puts a bad taste in my mouth and I don’t enjoy myself. So when Shopaholic and Baby tackles this very same concept, I was prepared to dislike the book. I was wrong.

The parts that had to do with cheating were not my favourite, I’ll give you that. It tore me up every time Becky had another reason to be suspicious of Luke, and made me frustrated with Luke for being so blind about how a married man should behave when an ex-girlfriend walks back into his life. The book was heavily focused around this plot point and so it was trying for me to make it through, but Sophie Kinsella somehow still made the experience enjoyable. Once again, she made me laugh with Becky’s crazy antics and the actions of secondary characters like Becky’s best friend Suze, her sister Jess, and her mother Jane. I haven’t mentioned yet how incredibly well Kinsela portrays these characters throughout the series, and it is definitely worth saying. The comedic timing and dialogue is brilliant.

Despite the book covering a topic that is hard for me to swallow in any way, I really enjoyed reading it. In fact, I probably enjoyed it the most out of all the other Shopaholic books, especially the ending. The relationships come together stronger than ever and the humour is probably the best of the series. It’s a simple plot of course, so I won’t give anything away. But I will say, this book just took the Shopaholic series to a deservedly higher place on my worth-a-read shelf 😉 I promise it will do the same for you, especially if you’ve enjoyed the other ones. If you haven’t read any of them yet, what on earth are you waiting for?!


Shopaholic and Baby 


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