My first dystopian fiction books were The Hunger Games series. When I finished those, I just couldn’t get enough on the topic so I borrowed Divergent from a friend and finished the book in four hours. While I didn’t think it lived up to The Hunger Games just yet, it was a close enough second and I was very eager for Insurgent to release in 7 months. Note to self, when the second book in a series isn’t going to release for 7 months, reread the first before it comes out because you will forget everything…

I think Insurgent would have been a much better read for me if I had reread Divergent closer to the release. Bits and pieces floated back to my memory, but for a majority of the book I would understand that there was a deeper meaning or history behind an event or a character, but it would be entirely lost on me. That being said, I still managed to finish the book in four hours again. It was a quick and entertaining read. I did, however, have a problem with Tris, the main character. I don’t remember being annoyed by her in Divergent but I found her severely annoying in Insurgent. When I stepped back and considered it rationally, I’m sure I’d be a whiny, lost, and incredibly insecure individual as well if I had been through what she had. Still, I found her to be less than fun to read about. Four, the male counterpart, made up for that. Of course the book tied up a little too perfectly because he was always there to save her and save the day, so there was never a moment where I was truly on the edge of my seat.

I honestly think my overall experience with Insurgent would have been miles better if Divergent had been fresh in my mind. I’m still looking forward to the third instalment in the series, since Insurgent also ends on a cliffhanger, but I’m not as impressed with it as I thought I would have been. I do have to say a huge congratulations to HarperCollins Canada for it’s insanely well-planned marketing strategy for the book. Everywhere I turned on Facebook and Twitter, there were new bites and promos for Insurgent. Kudos on all that creativity and buzz! Before you judge me for congratulating a competitor, remember credit is where credit is due. A job well done is a job well done, and when you find the marketing plan more impressive than the book itself, it deserves a mention 😛




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One thought on “Insurgent

  1. I plan to read it too though I think I’ll just borrow a copy rather than buy it. I wasn’t impressed with Tris in Divergent . She’s not as badass as she thinks she is. Quite honestly, I rolled my eyes at how cliche Dauntless was. Getting piercings and tattoos and jumping onto trains does NOT make one brave or fierce.

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