A Storm of Swords

It’s official. I have a complete hate-love relationship with this series. I can’t stand these books and at the same time, I just HAVE to know what happens next. Let it be known before I get too deep into this post that I actually took a three-week hiatus in the middle of reading A Storm of Swords because of a severe plot-twist that Martin throws that pissed me off tremendously. It made me gasp aloud in public (“Are you freaking kidding me?”) and I had to put it down in anger. I’d love to spoiler it for everyone I know but I realize that’s terrible blogger etiquette, so I’ll refrain. Let’s just say that nobody is safe and nothing is sacred in these chapters. Not in an “Oooh, how mysterious” way, more like a “Seriously? Did you REALLY just do that to so-and-so?”.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, this post is going to be fairly short. These books are so long and there are a painful number of characters to keep track of, so all the events between books 1-3 have officially jumbled and blended together in my head. I picked up the book once again mainly just to get it over with because I hate leaving things undone. To my utter dismay, I found myself re-absorbed and sucked back into this twisted plot once more. So now, it is with great annoyance that I find myself realizing I HAVE to finish book 4 before I can get started on my TBR pile which I have been dying to sink my teeth into! Oh well, at least this is incentive for me to get book 4 over with as fast as possible.

I realize this isn’t the best review in the world—take it for what you will. Clearly the plot angered and annoyed me, but it also redeemed itself (barely) enough to make me want to know what happens next. When George R. R. Martin writes a good chapter, it’s one hell of a damned good chapter. The rest, you plod through tediously, waiting for that sweet reward of when something amazing happens on the page.

A Storm of Swords 

Recommendation Rate Honestly, I can’t bring myself to recommend this one. Naturally if you’re reading the series and you haven’t completely given up on it, then go ahead and continue with book 3 knowing that it may well make you very angry–or just make you admire Martin for being a very ballsy writer.


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