A Feast for Crows

After my seriously infuriating time with book 3, A Storm of Swords, I dedicated myself to continuing on to A Feast for Crows just to finally get through the file on my Kindle and then take a break from the series. I’ll keep this brief since my patience with the books has finally waned.

I think I may have actually enjoyed this book the most. For one thing, it focused on a  select few of the characters rather than spanning through 20 narrators at a time. It was slow in terms of timing and circumstance, but it almost packed more of a punch than some of the outrageous incidents in its predecessors. Interestingly enough, I found myself getting very fond of a rather shrewd but somewhat despicable character–Cersai Lannister. I don’t usually enjoy reading about the bad guys more than the good guys, but any chapter with Cersai in this book was highly engrossing.

Of course George R.R. Martin had to ruin it at one point by throwing a massive “oh no you didn’t!” plot turn of events at us (because what is a Game of Thrones book without a few of those). I almost gave up right there because I’m a bit tired of his sliiiightly obnoxious manner of pulling the carpet consistently from under my feet. I plugged along in any case, and was pleased to find that was the only one in the book.

All things considered, I’m glad I read A Feast for Crows immediately after A Storm of Swords because it made me feel like I could tolerate the series once again. However, I am relieved to take a long break from the series in general. I will definitely read book five, but probably right when book 6 is released and not before.


A Feast for Crows 


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