Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes

I haven’t reviewed a kids book on here in awhile and it’s particularly great that I get to do so for Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes. It’s quirky, interesting, and not at all what I expected.


The storyline is just ridiculous-crazy. Things happen so fast and so out of the blue, it’s almost delightful. At first the adult in me was putting up a fight and going “Say whaa?”. Pretty soon, I shelved that irritating grown-up sixth sense and just immersed myself in the fantasy that is Peter Nimble. The creatures he meets are truly weird, his companions are funny, and his enemies are deliciously nasty! For me it was like reading The Phantom Tollbooth meets any Roald Dahl book meets Peter Pan meets something I’ve never read before! It’s wacky and fun.

Here’s where it gets interesting though—underneath all the wackiness, I found myself thinking that this was rather advanced for a book that’s meant to be for 8-12 year olds. I wondered if, as an 8 year old, I would’ve been able to take the concept of someone’s eyes being pecked out by ravens for the good of a kingdom or someone’s hand being chopped off and replaced by a hook. Then I remembered watching Peter Pan at age 4 and loving it (totally not judging Captain Hook at all for his hand or ridiculous hair). The best part of the book was its unpredictability.  It held such a fantastic twist that I didn’t even see it coming and was genuinely excited when I read it!

There were some rather large words scattered here and there in the book. Admittedly I had to look up two of them myself, which made me think “What a GREAT learning book!” I learned all my big words (vocabulary) best when they were disguised in the most fun books possible.

That’s what Peter Nimble is—a really fun book. Adults, leave your sense of reason behind when you pick it up. Kids, get ready for a wild ride across land, oceans, and sewers!

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Recommendation Rate (for the kids)


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