The Metro Dogs of Moscow

Please note: this book does not publish until January 2013. I read a galley copy.


Holy spots on puppies…this book is adorable! Love puppies? Love 101 Dalmations? Love Garfield stories? Love exotic new countries? Oh this book is all that and wrapped in bacon for the ultimate middle-aged reader’s delight!

Did I mention there are dogs…riding the subway?! Yes. Awesome.


JR is just a little ticked off at his human, George, for making them move around all the time. The latest location? Moscow. Tired of being cooped up in the apartment, only going for two short “walkies” a day, JR jumps at the opportunity that an open window brings, by jumping out of it and exploring the city! On the way, he runs into Moscow’s strays; spunky, friendly, and very experienced at ‘the bark and grab’ when it comes to nabbing food. When dogs around the city start to go missing, it’s up to JR and his friends to find out who’s behind the crimes and save the dogs before it’s too late.

It’s the perfect little mystery for kids! While the villain might be a tad on the obvious side to the adults reading, I think the kids will have a really fun time working out all the little clues. Rachelle Delaney has created the perfect blend of funny and heartwarming and I think it’s a book that both boys and girls will enjoy equally. I can’t wait for it to come out (January isn’t too far away!) and to help market this book. Whatever’s involved in the process, I hope there’s lots of dogs and lots of Korshka Kartoshka, a Moscovian specialty of stuffed potatoes. Mmm mouthwatering!


The Metro Dogs of Moscow 


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