Rage Against the Dying

Do not go gently into that good night…it wasn’t a good night and Brigid Quinn most certainly does not go gently. She doesn’t plan on going at. all.

It’s rare that we see a fierce feminine heroine that is over the age of thirty in literature, but Brigid Quinn has changed all that. I wouldn’t be surprised if readers clamour for more of her, because that 59 year old ex-FBI agent has got serious cajones. And I love it!

Words cannot express how utterly lucky I was that we’re publishing this book over at Penguin. This meant that I could actually sit at my desk and read from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm with only a minimal amount of guilt because it was “work-related”. If it hadn’t been work-related, I might have faked being sick (if my boss is reading this, I’m only joking…maybe) and gone home to finish the book. It was that good. It’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a good, fast-paced thriller and this one kept me second guessing and even gasping towards the very end.

Told from Brigid’s point of view, we get right into the thick of her only unsolved and most personal case while working for the FBI. Feeling partly responsible for the disappearance of one of her mentees at the hands of a cold-blooded and murderous sexual predator, Brigid gets embroiled all over again as new evidence and a confession pops up. The struggle that falls to her when she understands that the FBI is being duped and the real killer is still on the loose is one for the books. With no one to turn to and no concrete proof, she becomes the killer’s next target. Her race against the clock and rage against the dying will keep your fingers itching to turn the page.

This is Becky Masterman’s first novel but I find it hard to believe. She had me wrapped around her little finger through this whole story; I couldn’t scroll through fast enough. I can’t wait to see all the reviews that come out for this one and I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll see more of Brigid Quinn in the future.

Rage Against the Dying 

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