The Lord of the Rings

I tried guys.

I tried so, so, so hard…

Ultimately, I gave up.


I’ve always wanted to make it through The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I tried when I was (maybe) too young, at age 12 and it went a little over my head. Or, to be fair, it was just a bit too wordy and dry for me. I tried again when I was about 15 years old, and it was a snooze fest. I made a third attempt, this time with The Hobbit,  at age 21 and found myself getting frustrated beyond belief after 50 pages. Finally, I decided to take a new approach–watch the movies first to gauge interest and then read the books. I know, I know. Sacrilege! Don’t cry me down though, at least I was making an effort. Granted, I made a lot of fun of the first movie and asked my very patient and amused friend a lot of stupid questions, but I was soon ‘relatively’ involved with the plot line. I finally felt like I was ready to give the books a final chance.

Book one was pleasant! I’m not going to lie, I think I may have actually enjoyed going through it. It took me a week, but I was engaged in the story and appreciated the characters enough to stay intrigued. Book two was more of a struggle for me. There were parts that I was interested in and then there were parts that moved unfailingly slow. I was also starting to rely on the movies as a crutch, approaching certain scenes with “Oh, that’s when so-and-so does that in the movie…okay I know what’s going on now”. When you need to refer to your memories of the movies to understand what’s going on, you know things are starting to go downhill. Nevertheless, I managed to power through and I finished Book two.

Book three = Fail.

That’s all it was, just one big fat fail. I was so bored, so uninvolved, so detached–reading a chapter was basically mental torture through boredom. I respect that the story line, in the hands of another, is thrilling. Tolkein just made it a bit too dry and rambling for me. I kept going and I got to about 120 pages away from the finish but I couldn’t force myself to go through one more page. So, after a very respectable attempt, I politely decline the offer to ever involve myself in The Lord of the Rings ever again.

*runs to hug Harry Potter books*


The Lord of the Rings 


Recommendation Rate  I’m going to refrain from a recommendation rate on this series, because it’s one of the most renowned fantasy series in the world and the basis of fantasy series since then. It’s got a huge fan base with millions more getting on board everyday. To those patient, intelligent, and very focused people, I say kudos! I couldn’t enjoy it but I’m glad they can!


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