Sloppy Seconds

I needed a book that I could keep me entertained through my flight from Toronto to Chicago. The very night before I left, I happened to be browsing the Tucker Max website looking for an old favourite anecdote (“Tucker tries buttsex, hilarity ensues”) and I realized his book Sloppy Seconds was available for FREE! Well, I’m not one that downloads a lot of free books onto her Kindle (my collection is very well-organized and carefully picked) but this one was a no-brainer.

I suppose I need to stop you right here if you’re one of those people who cannot take sexist, racist, asshole-type jokes. Because that’s kind of what Tucker Max is–an asshole. Fear not though, he’s proud of it. I guess if I entertained millions of people and turned my life into three bestselling books just by being an asshole, I wouldn’t mind it so much myself.

I’ve had a few people ask me “How can you read that garbage, as a woman”. My response is that his books aren’t insulting to women at all! If you’re a woman with a modicum of intelligence, self-respect, and restraint then Tucker Max manages to have an interesting, albeit somewhat pompous, conversation with you. From what I gather. He’s got too many idiotic bimbos or ‘fame-whores’ lined up waiting to be featured in his books to bother messing with the others. So my response to the haters is, “If those girls are stupid enough to poke a sleeping dragon in the eye, then let them deal with the consequences while I laugh on the sidelines”. 

Sloppy Seconds didn’t have me roaring in my seat like his previous books, but I definitely laughed at every single chapter. It was pretty embarrassing because there was some highly inappropriate vocabulary that happened to be highlighted, bolded, and enlarged for effect. I had to keep my kindle at an angle at all times so the gentleman next to me, who was already giving me dirty looks for chuckling on a 6am flight, wouldn’t complain.

Don’t expect a masterpiece with Sloppy Seconds. Some of it is excerpts from Tucker’s previous books, while other parts are just bits and bobs that Tucker threw in from his cutting room floor. Hence the title…

For no money, the book gave a really great time. For those who have never read his work before, this might not be the best starter book (his first one, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, was the best) but it gives you a good glimpse into Tucker’s writing style and hilarious flair.

One thing I can promise you for sure: you’ll either like it or you won’t.


Sloppy Seconds    


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One thought on “Sloppy Seconds

  1. Hi, I thought the same of Sloppy. It had dated I thought. You really must check out Malice in Blunderland by Jonny Gibbings. It is the funniest, a crazy book.

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