Looking for Me

This isn’t just a book; this is an experience.


Talk about a quiet book that manages to pack quite the punch. Teddi is works with antiques and restoration, embodying the concept of hard work and dedication. We see her family through her eyes–her war veteran father who firmly believed in family and freedom, her glass-half-empty mother who always had a bone to pick, and Josh, the light of her life little brother who was enigmatically one with nature. When Teddi’s mother suddenly passes away, both she and the reader get exposed to the secrets that she never knew her family had. Some of them may lead to answering the question that has haunted her for years; is her brother dead or alive?

When I learned about the premise of this book, I was excited to sink my teeth into a good old Southern murder mystery. If that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere. This is a literary drama about maturity, acceptance, hope, and perseverance. Most importantly, it’s about coming to terms with the open-ended conclusions that life often has to offer.

Beth Hoffman isn’t a writer, she’s a painter. I sank into the hot, Southern charms of Charleston and Kentucky and loved every moment of Teddi’s life, from the memories of her past and her family to the present-day work with her antiques. She sees beauty where nobody else can and Beth Hoffman’s novel in turn proves that you don’t have to have a whirlwind of activity to be a gripping read. This book comes out in June 2013, making it an idyllic summer read. But don’t read it on the beach; read it on your porch with a cool glass of iced tea surrounded by the heat of the sun making your backyard flowers bloom.

Looking for Me       

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