The Perfume Lover

Her name is Denyse Beaulieu and she is a self-proclaimed scent slut.

Are you in?


This book is often tagged with the line “What if the most beautiful night in your life inspired a perfume?” So, I was expecting a long, overly-romantic retelling of a heavenly sexual experience that went on for an entire book culminating into “and then it became a perfume”. Which wouldn’t have been a bad thing because hey, everyone could use a lusciously romantic story once in awhile. Especially one that’s actually true.

How very mistaken I was. Denyse is one of the sassiest, most fun writers I’ve read this year. She’s a no-nonsense, sexy, evocative, fashionable woman who knows what she wants when it comes to perfume. And, truth be told, life. The book is an insider’s look into one of the world’s most sensual and precise industries. Denyse manages to take the complexities of chemistry and undertones and duos and quite literally turn you on. The effect is forceful and I was completely caught up in the excitement of conveying a powerful, seductive life experience through scent. And we thought writing was a powerful form of expression!

I have dipped into perfume books in the past and that’s all it’s ever been, a quick dip. I found the history uncompelling and the writing too stiff to keep my interest. That changed as Denyse powered through her book, demanding perfection and weaving personal stories with vignettes about perfume. Whether you’re an occasional spritzer, a perfume lover, or an all out scent slut, you will love this book!

PS. It just so happens that I spritzed myself with a tester perfume I got at Sephora before settling down to read this book. I have to say, I was mesmerized by it for the rest of the day. I felt the power of the individual ingredients and was fascinated at the change in what I can only describe as density as the day went on. If I hadn’t been reading The Perfume Lover, I probably would have never noticed how fascinating a scent can be on my own skin. Downside? Now I get to shell out $90 to get the perfume. Curses!

The Perfume Lover       

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