And the Mountains Echoed

The name Khaled Hosseini is synonymous with the thoughts of masterful, epic, heart-wrenching writing. His debut novel, The Kite Runner, haunted the world and is still quoted in every day conversations. When A Thousand Splendid Suns released, things were no different. Hosseini had left his indelible mark. Today marks the release of And the Mountains Echoed, his first novel in six years. It is nothing short of a written masterpiece.


A multigenerational-family story revolving around brothers and sisters, it is an emotional, provocative, and unforgettable novel about how we love, how we take care of one another, and how the choices we make resonate through generations. With profound wisdom, insight and compassion, Hosseini demonstrates once again his deeply felt understanding of the bonds that define us and shape our lives—and of what it means to be human.

Have you ever walked down the street and thought about the people that pass you by? In that split second of shoulders brushing or brief nods with eye contact, they seem perfectly normal to you. And you to them. But what is their story? What brought them to that sidewalk that day? Where do they go from there?

Hosseini writes people. Family. Individuals at their rawest. He explores the ties that bind and whether blood is thicker than water. What amazed me about And the Mountains Echoed was the beautiful simplicity of the story line. It reads like several short stories that all intertwine in a delicate, poignant manner. Every character in the book has a complex tale to tell, one gently tumbling into the next.

If one were to dissect And the Mountains Echoed in a lit class, they’d be able to identify every theme under the sun and then some. Family, love, honesty, hope, betrayal, happiness, loneliness, race, class, gender…the whole gamut. Hosseini’s experienced pen scratches the pages so softly that you’re never left overwhelmed with morals and messages. Every novel should strike the reader on a personal note. When you turn the final page on this one, you may be surprised with the emotions you’re left with.

If you’re prone to ‘book hangovers’, this might provoke one of your strongest. If you’ve never had a book hangover before, prepare to function in a daze for at least a few hours after reading the last words. The characters and their footsteps echoed in my mind long after I had finished the book. Hosseini is the proof that the most skilled hands can pierce the ordinary to reveal the extraordinary.

And the Mountains Echoed

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  1. Hi Sabrina! Thank you do this information. Looking forward to reading this book. Have most recently reread The Great Gatsby and saw the film. Regards, Mary

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