Cast Your Vote Here!

Exciting news, friends!

Bruges-night_2382110bI’m going on an impromptu three-week trip to Europe this coming Tuesday! What with becoming a #SweatPink Ambassador, quitting my job, travelling to Europe, and moving to Chicago, this is going to be quite the exciting summer. More on all that later though. For now, I have a pressing question.


I want to stay in the European mindset as much as possible and I love classics so that should help narrow down my list, right?

I have no idea what to pick. You choose! If it helps, I’m going to Belgium, Norway, Germany, England, and crossing my fingers that I get to squeeze in Spain. Any and all suggestions welcome! I’ll be travelling with my trusty Kindle, so the weight and length of the books won’t be a problem.

Suggest away…

P.S. If I like your suggestion enough, I might have a little thank-you present in the form of an advanced copy of this gem 😉


3 thoughts on “Cast Your Vote Here!

  1. You should try Agatha Christie’s “And then they were none” (AKA Ten Little Indians) or could always go for something light hearted like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. One of them goes to Greece. LOL

  2. For Spain – Hemmingway’s The Sun Also Rises would be a must. A Dog of Flanders will be a lovely read of you are heading that way in Belgium. As for Germany… Anything by Thomas Mann (I like Death in Venice). Does this help??
    ~ Jenn

  3. I always prefer to read light and fun “beach read” type books when on vacation. Since you are traveling to England for part of the trip, maybe some books by Sophie Kinsella or by her other persona, Madeleine Wickham. Or Jill Mansell. And now you know my book secrets.

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