Foodie Pen Pals

I just love stumbling across fun community things to do online and Foodie Pen Pals is quickly rising to the top of my list! For those of you who haven’t heard of this amazing little concept before, here’s how it works:

  • Sign up to participate in Foodie Pen Pals over at The Lean Green Bean (caution: you may spend hours getting lost in the awesome pages of this blog!)
  • Get in touch with your assigned Foodie Pen Pal (FPP) and find out a little bit about them and their dietary preferences/restrictions.
  • Buy $15 worth of snacks and treats that you think your FPP would like.
  • Send it to them by the 15th of the assigned month.
  • Receive your box and be utterly delighted by the contents!

Note: It’s probably best if you take a picture of what you received before you dive in and start eating all the things. Oh well, at least I saved the wrappers.

This was my first time participating and I couldn’t have asked for a better FPP! Jeanine and I bonded over the fact that I was just venturing into the Paleo Diet and she had the best advice for me! The best part is that our exchanges went well past they “Hey FPP, what can I getcha?” and into little tidbits about life. Not only did I get some awesome snacks out of this, but a pretty cool new friend who’s interests align with my own.

Here’s what Jeanine got me:

Perfectly Paleo!

Perfectly Paleo!

Tazo Passion Tea: Jeanine was saddened to hear that I’m allergic to caffeine and she decided to save my soul with some deliciously soothing caffeine-free Tazo Tea. I’ve been enjoying my cups while watching Pride and Prejudice (the BBC version, of course) and doing my philosophy readings.

Seasnax: Oh. My. Goodness. This was utterly delicious. I broke into the bag the second I saw it and devoured the pack in a matter of seconds. Crispy, light, salty goodness is what you can expect out of this healthy seaweed snack. I seriously need to figure out where I can get these in my neighborhood. If unavailable, I’m going online and buying them in bulk.

Thunderbird Energetica: I was a little skeptical about this energy bar because I’m not a huge fan of fig or carrots. Then came the morning where I thought I could go on an extra long run and still manage to shower, shave my legs, and make breakfast before work. Yeah that didn’t happen. Well, everything except the breakfast part worked out and I found myself grabbing the energy bar and sprinting to work. I savored every bite. I actually forced myself to take small bites and make the bar last a whole hour because it was just that delicious. The best part? I felt full but active and had a wonderful start to my day. So, ditto on the ordering these in bulk.

Paleo Wraps: AKA Life Savers. I’ve been doing pretty well without bread every day, but there have been times when I wished I had an accompaniment to the delicious Paleo meat dishes I’ve been making. These Paleo Wraps do just that. They’re a little bit sweet to taste, since they’re made with coconut, but that hint of it mixed with spicy meat makes for a very palatable dish. So far, I’ve made tuna salad wraps and sloppy joe wraps with them. Ok fine, I also just ate one plain once because, on it’s own, it’s like a paper-thin sweet crepe.

Jeannine. Your choices were fantastic. Thanks SO much for sending all of this over as well as the recipe for “Damn Fine Chicken”, which I can’t wait to make!

If any of you guys are interested in expanding your good-eats recipe box, please check out Jeanine’s amazing Pinterest boards.

That’s a wrap, September! It’s been a foodie-riffic month and I can’t wait for October! Mmm…fall treats 🙂


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