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It’s been awhile! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in forever. In my defence, though, I’ve been traipsing around Europe and preparing for my big move! Plus, I’m still in a bit of denial that I’m no longer traveling. Exploring countries by myself with the help of a few friends, old and new, along the way was the best experience of my life. Unforgettable memories include… Continue reading


Inside and Out Challenge update

Hey everyone!

It’s just halfway through the month of June and time for an update on the Bad Ass Beautiful challenge that Clara at Southern Thintellect and I cooked up!

I’ve been failing rather miserably at working out this month. I have a bunch of excuses, none of which are truly valid. What’s more is that I leave for Europe tomorrow (!!!) and I don’t think I’ll be doing many circuits while I’m there. I fully plan on making up for that by walking E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. Once I’m back, I’m going to try and make our workout circuits an integral part of my every day workouts.

As for the other little challenges, I’ve been doing pretty darn well! Here’s what I’ve completed:


Spend 60 minutes by yourself with no technology

I took this one to the next level and spent a full four hours with zero technology! I cannot tell you how refreshing this felt! I read a book, took a nap, and didn’t bother with my phone, television, or computer. I left all my technology in my bedroom upstairs and trekked down to my cozy basement for my hiatus. This way there was no immediate temptation to check my emails or texts. I highly recommend doing this challenge at least once a week.

Hike a new state trail park

It wasn’t exactly a ‘state trail park’ but it was a 10K hike on a trail that I had never been on before! My company organizes a walk for charity every year. Employees get to choose between a 5K and a 10K and I enthusiastically talked 4 more people into doing the 10K with me! It was a beautiful day and the trail was gorgeous. We went through cool, shady paths as well as beautiful and quiet neighborhoods. Here’s a picture!


Volunteer for a new charitable cause

Speaking of the 10K, I thought I had killed two birds with one stone there because the walk was for charity and I had organized it. Sadly, I realized that I have volunteered for the same charity in the past. I forgot the charity had to be a new one. Does this mean I failed? I’m going to take it as a half success because I volunteered for something that was a really good cause! We walked to provide funds for First Book Canada, which is an organization that provides books to children in need across Canada. Children’s literacy is a cause very dear to my heart and I’m always happy to help First Book Canada out in any way.

Get a cardboard box, fill it up with clutter, and donate it

Done, done, and done! Except I used a plastic bag instead of a cardboard box. While packing for Europe, I decided to simultaneously clean out my closet and dresser. I also managed to get rid of some items that I was holding on to for absolutely no good reason! In addition, since it’s my last day at work today (quitting a full-time job to pursue a Masters program…hooray!), I cleared out all the clutter that was on my shelves and desk. I donated anything salvageable! Look at that efficiency…

Make a healthy recipe you’ve pinned on Pinterest

This one was SO much fun! I had flown to Chicago a couple of weekends ago and was staying with an old friend from IU (go Hoosiers!). She had some work to be done in the evening and so, to pay her back for her hospitality, I offered to make dinner: Spaghetti Squash. We were both utterly fascinated by it as neither of us had ever made or eaten spaghetti squash before. Check out my recap here.

Indulge in a bike ride at dusk or dawn

I love working out in the mornings and sometimes instead of a run or a session of Pilates and strength, I like to take off on my bike and ride a trail. I got the chance to do this at the very start of the month and saw the most beautiful pink and gold sunrise. Check!

Do a No Spend Weekend

This one is questionable. During the first weekend of June, I managed to spend nothing on Friday or Sunday. Saturday, however, was my friend’s birthday and she was hosting it at a bar in downtown Toronto. My mom decided to give me a treat by letting her pay for my dinner/drinks/parking. Note: I did not ask for this, it was her spontaneous offer. So I took it. Since I didn’t spend my own money…does it still count? If she hadn’t made the offer, I was going to go and simply not order anything. What do you guys think? Can I still cross this one off the bingo card?

Make a list of “10 Positive Things to Remind Myself Daily”. Frame it



Special thanks to a lovely co-worker for helping me with this beautiful layout!

Write and send a handwritten letter

I actually plan on doing this tomorrow! So, check in advance and rest assured it will be done!

What does that leave me with?

  • Abstain from food with >5 ingredients on the label for three days (utter fail as I will be in Europe for the rest of the month)
  • Try a new yoga or Pilates session (fail for the same reason as above)
  • Read a book you’ve been meaning to read for over a year (Totally. Happening. I plan on reading one of the classics that I’ve never read before but have had on my Kindle with good intention for years.)

That’s all for me! I’m not stressed out over the challenges I couldn’t complete because:

a)      this is supposed to be all in good fun

b)      I plan on making this more of a routine for myself

I know Clara at Southern Thintellect has been doing an amazing job of both the fitness and wellness challenges! Be sure to check out her updates too! That southern belle needs to teach me how she manages to take and post such gorgeous pictures….

Have you been participating in the #InsideandOut challenge? Share your progress with us here, even if it was just one of the bingo squares!

Until next time!

Challenge Yourself Inside and Out!

Clara, over at Southern Thintellect, and I got together as fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors and fellow IU Alumni (GO HOOSIERS!) to create an exciting fitness challenge for the month of June. We know that it’s just as important to do something a little special for yourself as it is to treat your body right. That’s why our challenge focuses on a total ‘Inside and Out’ approach! A shot of cardio, a boost of strength, and a treat for the soul is what we got:

BAB Inside and Out

No time to exercise every single day? No problem! Since the challenge is in the form of a Bingo card, you have 24 opportunities to get a little frisky with your routine. Plus, you get to feel the immense satisfaction that comes with crossing something off a list!

We knocked our heads together and created two workout circuits that combine several of our favorite strength and cardio moves to help you build muscle, burn fat, and keep that heart rate up!

BAB InsideandOut Circuit 1BAB InsideandOut Circuit 2

Stick with us by posting in the comments section and let us know how you’re doing. We’ll also be posting some fun updates as the month goes by. Do you have a suggestion for our next challenge? Throw it up there in the comments!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to feel Bad Ass Beautiful!

Are you a Lord of the Rings fan?



I’ve tried to wade through the books thrice in my lifetime and failed miserably after no more than 50 pages each time. So now I’m trying to digest the movies–it’s not going so splendidly. I feel like I’m missing out on something truly epic so I need to hear it from a die hard fan. What on earth is so amazing about these books/movies?


Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂

What should my 50th book of the year be?

I’m so excited that I’ve reached book 50 of 2012 already! It’s been an AMAZING reading year so far and I’m ready to commemorate this one with a good ol’ classic. I’d love your help! Vote in the comments for the one that YOU think should be number 50!



Since the pictures are so grainy (silly iPhone!), here’s a complete list:

  • A Secret Garden (already read this year)
  • The Wind in the Willows
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Peter Pan
  • The Adventures of Huckelberry Finn
  • Black Beauty
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • A Little Princess
  • Anne of Green Gables (already read this year)
  • A Tale of Two Cities
  • Little Women
  • Oliver Twist (already read this year)
  • Emma
  • Wuthering Heights
  • Jane Eyre
  • Grimms Fairy Tales


The Hunger Games Movie

While my entire Book & Magazine Publishing Program started a big countdown and debated what outfit would best depict their favourite character for the movie, I held back my expectations for The Hunger Games on the big screen. I didn’t watch any of the released clips after the first two trailers, I didn’t read any interviews or spoilers, and I didn’t even look at the released publicity photos. I’m not sure why I didn’t want my excitement to build up; I suppose after my experience with the Harry Potter movies, I thought that the on-screen depictions simply wouldn’t do the books justice. So why bother hyping it up? (Side note: I most definitely hyped up each and every Potter movie, knowing that it wouldn’t do justice to the book because I mean let’s face it, it’s Harry Potter). I’m not sure whether this approach to the movie particularly worked in my favour, all I know is I definitely wasn’t disappointed. Here’s what I thought of The Hunger Games movie.

I realize that many of you may not have seen it yet, so to not ruin any surprises I’ve ensured that I mark *Spoiler* and *Spoiler Over* so that you can read it without worrying 🙂



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