Mrs. Dalloway

Before I begin this post, I should let you all know that I used Grammarly’s free plagiarism checker because, well, I like to watch The Bachelor and write my posts at the same time. Thank goodness for their grammar checks because, whew, there were a couple of embarrassing errors in the first draft. So far I’m using their free trial and it’s great as a second set of eyes for someone who is constantly writing and can’t always get another person to help with the proofreading!

On to the post…

Coming out of class the other day, I texted my friend and said, “Virginia Woolf is a genius. The rest of us should just give up and go home”. I was (half) joking, but the more I learn about her writing, her blending of narratology, her inexplicable penetrating commentary on the structure and workings of society, and her uncanny ability to pinpoint and evoke human emotions, the more I find myself completely enamored. We’re currently tackling Mrs. Dalloway in class, and frankly I can’t see myself making much of a dent in the brilliance of the book unless I spent two or three devoted years of study towards it. That being said, don’t be too intimidated. Mrs. Dalloway is a wild ride and one that every passionate reader should take up at some point.

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The Chronicles of Narnia, Books 1-3

Wow I am WAY overdue for a post on here. Don’t worry, I’ve been feeling incredibly guilty about it on a daily basis but I promise I have valid excuses. None of which I shall share. For those of you who follow me on Twitter (@vita_literature), you may or may not remember a broad statement I made around the second week of March that involved my ambition to read the entire Chronicles of Narnia. Well I made it through books 1, 2, and even 3! Now I’m losing some steam…feel free to prod me along if you can.

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