Ten Ways to Rethink Feminism

Perhaps you know of her as the brilliant author of works like Americanah or Half of a Yellow Sun. Perhaps you were hungrily following the barrage of media surrounding Yoncé’s new album. Either way, you should know about Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an influential woman and a feminist. Why? Because her TED Talk on feminism doesn’t just outline what the circumstances of gender equality are like today. It proves how distorted the concept of feminism has become.

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Julie & Julia

Brace yourselves, folks; it’s another food memoir. We all know how I feel about food memoirs: inappropriately excited. When I decided to rent Julie & Julia over Thanksgiving 2010, I really didn’t expect to watch it twice a day, everyday, for four days straight. No really, that wasn’t my intention! But it happened anyway. That January when I came back to school, I was having a bad day and I plopped my now-owned copy of the movie in to feel better. That was the day I started my food blog (www.signaturesabrina.com). Only back then I called it Beurre Et La Viande, because seriously what the hell is better than butter and meat? Nothing. So Julie owed it to Julia for giving her a renewed sense of hope in life, and I owe both of them for my sense of utter shame, hope, accomplishment, and adventure in the kitchen. Let the shitty times come my friends, for when that damnable dish turns out just right, you’ve won the day.

I can’t believe it took me this long to read the book, but here goes.

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